SEO Packages India That Fit Your Business Goals

Are you Looking for Monthly SEO packages that are SMART?
  • SPECIFIC- SEO is substantially broad and it includes several practices and categories. On a broader level, the SEO packages are categorized into three major categories. These categories are global, local, and the third is eCommerce.
    • Global SEO Packages

      SEO helps your company's website gain more traction from Internet users and ultimately drive more sales. SEO makes your website more visible when someone searches for terms that are associated with your industry. 68% of online browsing experiences begin with a search engine and almost 53.3% of all website traffic is organic. With such huge numbers, it becomes inevitable to focus on SEO. Global SEO packages are useful for those who are offering services regardless of physical locations.

      To get you started with more organic visibility, we have dedicatedly compiled the best global SEO package for your business. Our package covers monthly strategy discussion, keyword research, initial Google Analytics setup, complete on-page SEO setup including title tags, meta tags creation. Along with it, it also includes technical SEO (Robots.txt, canonical issue, internal link building), and content optimization. Global packages are suitable for all small, medium, or big businesses of all industries including fashion, healthcare, automotive, and more.

    • Local SEO Packages

      Local SEO is vital for businesses that offer services in a specific area and they want to grow their customer base. Local SEO is a specialized optimization practice that includes targeting your business for specific local keywords to gain more local traction and sales. Local SEO is very important because almost 76% of people searching on their smartphones for something plans to visit that business within a day. Also, almost 30% of the searches are location-specific.

      So, if you run a local business, then it comes critical to opt for local SEO and gain more customers. Our local SEO packages include local keyword research, Google My Business optimization, NAP (Name, Address, Phone) citation, On-Site SEO, optimizing Google Map Pack, and more. Our advanced local SEO pack is suitable for retail stores, restaurants, hotels, clothing shops, and more.

    • Ecommerce SEO Packages

      With professional eCommerce SEO, you can easily boost the visibility of your online store and bring more customers. The eCommerce SEO not only helps you in generating more sales but also helps in retaining more customers. The total global sales done through eCommerce stores will cross the mark of $4.9 Trillion by the end of 2021 and there is still huge potential underlying. With our eCommerce SEO package, you can thrive online as we cover all important aspects including keyword research, conversion funnel setup, product optimization, technical SEO, on-page optimization, content optimization, and more.

  • MEASURABLE: - All activities that are listed under each plan are transparently measurable and easy to track. Our monthly progress reports give you an accurate number of activities and links that are driving results for your business. Keeping a track of SEO results shouldn't be overwhelming and that's why we keep our reports quick to measure and transparent.

    Be it you or your team members, anyone can navigate through the report and check the live links created by SEO experts. Our SEO packages are carefully designed in such a manner that gives you information regarding traffic and keyword performance on a monthly basis. The backlinks parameters include high domain authority website links creation, maintaining a healthy do-follow & no-follow balance, keeping the span score below 10% & regular caching of your website's backlinks. Even if you are new to SEO and opting for our services for the first time, you won't face any challenge in tracking down your website's performance.
  • ATTAINABLE: - Optimizing high-performance keywords for the first page is only one part of our SEO package. We strive to bring on more transforming benefits to your business with our practices. We strive to go beyond maintaining the keywords on the first pages and assures to bring more traffic and targeted visitors to your business.

    Our all SEO plans are smartly designed and they come with a guarantee to rank a certain percentage of keywords on the top pages. So, when you are with Kotapride, you don't need to worry about whether your important keywords will arrive on the first page or not. We always aim beyond that we strive to deliver more than promised. Along with keywords, we also work on your company's brand awareness, generating more organic traffic, and many other crucial factors. Nothing is impossible when it comes to SEO and we are committed to your growth and success.
  • RELIABLE: - The best part about outsourcing your SEO work to Kotapride is that you get access to highly-skilled SEO experts and digital marketers. With the experience of more than 11 years in this industry, we are equipped with highly-skilled and talented professionals. With dedicated teams and project managers for every main SEO aspect, we have got you covered with the most profitable SEO plans.

    SEO executives working at Kotapride have an average work experience of 4 years so you don't have to worry about anything. We assure you of quality work and profit-driven results for your business so that you can scale your organization quickly. We use the latest paid tools and software to execute SEO practices and track your competitors. Our managers constantly monitor every project closely and perform needful improvisation for better results. Regardless of industries, we promise reliable results and services to cater to your all requirements.
  • TIME-BASED: - SEO is very dynamic and being time-bound is very critical for achieving success in this digital world. SEO is a gradual process and to get the best results from this long-term process, we assure timely activities to keep up the performance higher. If you have any issue related to SEO on your website, our team analyzes and troubleshoots within 24 hours. No matter what query related to SEO you have in your mind, we are here to help you out.

    We offer highly-flexible live-chat and on-call support to resolve all your queries and technical glitches on your website. Regardless of time-zones, we are committed to providing you the best support along with top-notch services. You don't need to worry about any SEO jargon or technical aspect when you are with Kotapride. Get started with us and experience fast-paced satisfactory SEO support for your package. Our SEO team is always on stand-by to keep you going.